Individuals: How Do I Buy Health Insurance with KY Health Insurance Marketplace?

Under Healthcare Reform there are true solutions available for people to purchase coverage with government payment assistance & guaranteed issue plans. In the past many have been denied coverage for a particular condition or have been unable to afford the premiums available to them. We are Kynect™ Registered Agents, available to compare your current coverage and place you in the best plan within your budget. Individuals have the option of purchasing insurance through a registered agent or through a government website. There is no additional cost for buying through a registered agent.


Small Business Owners: How Do I Buy Health Insurance under Health Care Reform?

Small business owners will be the ones most affected by Health Care Reform. There are positives for the companies that have historically been rated high for existing medical conditions but there are also potential negatives for companies that are currently rated low because the group is relatively healthy. In either situation it is important to re-evaluate your plan and rates for 2014.